Why Buy From Us


Why Buy From Us
Great Reasons to Buy from GABEL!
1 . Low Price Commitment
As a specialized manufacturer,GABEL is committed to low prices.
2 . Specialized design & research group
We have a specialized develop group to design and research the most better products.
3 . Best Technical Support -- FREE
Our expert technical advisors are working hard for you when you need them most. Technical support is now available 6 days a week (9am-8pm ) Mon.-Fri. & 11am-7pm on Saturdays) at 0086-755-25863612. Our technical team can help advise you on the right products for any job. Further, they will be there for you should you need help with installation or operation of any products purchased from us.
4 . Enviromental Protections
GABEL is committed to environmental conservation. We are applying ISO14001 Certificate for Management Of Environmental System. It states our commitment towards environmental protection. We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and pursue continuous improvement in environmental performance.
Our environmental policy is to actively manage environmental issues using the following guidelines:
a. To continuously improve in environmental performance by achieving greater efficiencies in energy, direct raw materials, emissions, discharges and waste per unit produced.
b. To minimize environmental impacts of our production activities.
c. To ensure operations and products fully complying with all national and local statutory requirements covering environmental issues.
d. To educate all of our staff in execution of green practice and increase their awareness of environmental protection.
e. To strenuously contribute to a healthy and pleasant living environment for both contemporary and future generations.