Active Infrared Beam


Digital active infrared beam detector

1.digital active infrared beam detector
2.alarm distance:5, 10m
3.Intelligent Judgments
4.used for window, perimeter, etc


1.Intelligent Judgments:adopt double-beam identification principle,when thieves enter into prevention area,it will send out alarm singal once interdict adjacent two or more than two beams exceed 40ms,it can overcome traditional alarm detector's drawback of false alarm and failure alarm effectively.
2.Object recognition:adopt CPU microprocessor intelligent control,timely alarm when there are illegal intruder,and will not alarm when there are cats,dogs and other small animals  pass through
3.High reliability:with tamper,anti-interference function,when an intruder demolish or destroy,immediately trigger an alarm signal,safe and reliable using.
4.Anti moisture and rain,with anti-rain structure,be suitable for the installation of indoor,outdoor and wet areas.
5.With artistic and reliable structure:high-quality aluminum alloy of shell,polished of surface,durable;adopted imported filters that have good filter function to visible light.





1.Model:ALF-2 ALF-4 ALF-6
2.Total machine length(cm):36 70 120
3.Total machine weight(kg):0.48 0.68 1.08
4.Alarm distance(m):5 10 20 30 40 60
5.Power: DC12 ~ 18V
6.Alarm output: Finites infinity compatibility
7.Touch off time:40ms
8.Alarm speed:alarm time≥1.5sec
9.Light axis fix:Level;180 °(± 90 ° )
10.Environment temperature:-35°C ~ +55°C
11.Comparative humidity:≤95%

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