Active Infrared Beam


Active infrared photo beam detector - 4 beams

infrared perimeter beam detector
photo beam detectors
four beam detector
security beam sensor
beam sensor for alarm use

infrared perimeter photo beam detectors


1. Wired and bus system compatible, holographic spot real-time report
2. Use the spherical high precision optical lens.
3. Adopts DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional mistake-corrective code, true detection alarm technology
4. The digital ambiguous artificial intelligent recognition: four band frequency and use the artificial intelligent ambiguous judgment reduce the false alarm rate to zero.
5. Intelligent power emission. Adjustment the emission power of the beams automatically, it prolong the tube’s longevity and reduce the power consumption.
6. Green environment protection: with the controllable function display, after test, closes the display; it can save power a lot.
7.two sets of independence precession mini adjustment inner build optical aiming lens.
8. Special removing receiver, the large power emitter.
9. Full function of self diagnose, environment self adjustment, troubles locked.
10. Patent equivalent checking, special digital filter wave, its anti-interference of light arrive at IP85. 11. Using the solid power charger of no longevity ending, low voltage and mini power consumption.


Technical Parameter:

 Model:                    ABH-100       ABH-150      ABH-200      ABH-250

 Alertness distance: 100m              150m            200m           250m

 Beam:                     4   

 light source :           Digital pulse infrared 

 Induction rate:        35-700ms

 Alarm output - conventional: NC & NO   contact the capacity of AV / DC 30V/0.5A

 Alarm output -  Bus: MA Bus type constant current carrier

 Working Voltage: DC 13.8-24V; AC 11-18V

 Current:                  60mA              60mA              60mA           60mA

 Long-life mode:    30mA              30mA              30mA           30mA

 Temperature:  -25  -  55 centigrade 

 The use of humidity:  5% -95% (RH)

 visibility: ≥ 5m

 Tamper output: NC  contact the capacity of AV / DC 24V/0.5A

 Adjust the level of the angle: 180 ° (± 90 °)

 Adjust the vertical angle:  ± 10 °

 Case Material: German PC