Active Infrared Beam


Active Infrared Beams Detector-2Beams

Active Infrared Beams Detector-2Beams
1.ensures minimum false alarm
2.Viewfinder for easy and quick alignment


Active Infrared Beams Detector-2Beams

ABT is a Dual Synchronized Beams sensor (twin beam). The Twin Beam
ensures minimum false alarm possibility against falling leaves, birds, small
animals etc. This beam sensor comes with laser beam alignment function which reduces the installation time and along with that increases the workability of the device. The Beam sensor comes with built-in Optical Viewfinder for easy and quick alignment. One more
notable feature of this beam Se is Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Circuit for precision. Other features include Weather proof Anti-rain, snow, dew, mist, frost
design mounting brackets, Pole Clips etc. The protection distance (between Transmitter / Receiver) should be placed in the rated range.

Main Features:

Dual beams
Digital frequency conversion
Active infrared detector
Quadruple beams simultaneously blocked inspection
Infrared LED lighting
Digital wave filtering lighting
Window sighting telescope
PC engineering plastic material
Dew and frost proof solution: heating housing
Other additional functions: photic instruction, OK instruction, test terminal,multilevel LED indicator